Sunday, June 15, 2008

happy, healthy, and in a good place...

I am almost 22 months postop (proximal RNY). I had NO complications whatsoever from surgery and I have lost over 200 pounds. I'm just shy of 5'8" tall and I started at 410 pounds. I now range from 197 to 205 pounds on any given day and depending on water retention and all... I've gone from size 36W clothing to size 16 clothing. I am happy at this size and weight and must admit that once I saw a number starting with a ONE, I no longer cared if I lost any more weight. I finally have my vitamins down and rarely miss a dose of vitamins or calcium. I seem to have worked out a balance in my diet between fiber intake and use of Colace to where I have a pain-free BM most every day. I can eat whatever I take a notion to and don't count anything (not calories, carbs or anything) other than watching my protein intake to be sure I get no less than 80 grams a day (most days are 100+). I am healthy and have gotten off of about 8 different prescription meds since having surgery. I feel good. I can work in the garden, mow the yard (pushing it!), or shop till I drop. I am actually living life instead of sitting by as a spectator due to the pain and fatigue. THIS is why I had the surgery and I would do it ALL over again (even those first few weeks--the pain and all!) to get to this place! I thank you all for the support you have given me over these many months and for the support that I know you will continue to give! Even if I end up battling regain, this journey has been well worth the price of admission!

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