Wednesday, June 25, 2008

4-H camp is behind me, now the garden is a jungle!

We had a blast at 4-H camp and the kids were great. It was a pain driving back and forth each day (not to mention expensive), but it was worth it for these kiddos. Now, with camp behind me, I am faced with a yard that needed mowing desperately AND a garden that was so grown up with weeds that from a distance you couldn't even tell where the rows were!

I spent Saturday mowing grass. I mowed all but the front yard and we're talking about over 3 hours pushing a mower up and down and around. No way in heck could I have done that preop! Hubby was home Sunday, so no mowing then. Monday was spent catching up on email and such plus some household chores--laundry, dishes and more... Tuesday was more catchup work but outdoors stuff. Mandy finished mowing for me (only the second time she's mowed this year!). I spent over 2 hours bent over in the garden pulling weeds... Again, no way I could have done it preop! 200 pounds ago, I couldn't even have a garden, let alone mow or pull weeds! I sat and watched everyone else do things that I'd often wish to do myself. Now, I go do them! No more spectator sport living for me!

I answered a set of poll-type questions today over on OH and one of them was something about doing something different this summer. It got me to thinking. Mandy has been hinting pretty strongly (like hitting you up side the head with a shop hammer!) that she'd like to go to 6 Flags this summer. You've probably seen their latest ad campaign--6 Flags, more flags, more fun! Well, I've been thinking about the fact that I can actually FIT in the rides now and perhaps might even enjoy it. I haven't done an amusement or theme park in at least 9 years now. I may just try to plan an overnight for the two of us or maybe even me, her and her Dad and see how it works out... I really don't think my hubby would care for it as he absolutely hates crowds, but it would be fun for me and Mandy to go off together. Hubby could hold down the fort at home and that would allow us to get a room and not have to drive right home after spending the day in the park.

If we don't do that, we will probably hop a plane to Florida for a few days of visiting family. There is one airline (Allegiant) that is offering $69 one way fares from WV to FL. We may just have to do that and let hubby take care of his own animals for a few days! LOL Either way, we'd be doing something different for a change!

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