Monday, April 13, 2009

What is UP with my weight?

Well, I am running out of ideas... I am starting to think it is just my lack of exercise as I've tried low-carbing it to dump the water weight and it worked, but not completely... I am staying in the 208 to 212 range now, which is up about 5 pounds from my normal range for the last year or more. I normally range between 202 and 207. I always go up a few before "that time of the month" when I retain water and then lose it almost as soon as I start. No biggie and not stressing! But, this weight gain seems to be sticking, so perhaps it is more the winter of non-exercise than anything else? Thankfully, the weather has warmed and it is getting easier to get outside and move! This and getting ready for the half-marathon at Chicago on August 2nd may just get me back on track! If you are interested, Mandy and I are planning to do the Rock N Roll half-marathon at Chicago. Here's a link for more info! They have the COOLEST medal for this event!

Comment here if you're thinking of going too!!

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