Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Coming into the 21st century! High Speed Adhead!

For YEARS, we have lived out in the boonies. For the most part, that is good... Privacy! Peace and quiet! No neighbors nosing around when you're not in a friendly mood... :-) But, when it also means living with the eternal slowness of DIALUP (gulp), it sucks! I've tried for the 10 years we've been in West Virginia to find access to some sort of high speed internet and have failed miserably. But, I am finally biting the bullet and going with satellite internet. They will be out Friday morning to install and we'll be surfing in the 21st century finally! I'm soooooo sick of 19.6 kbps. I mean really, it takes so long to load the average page that you can walk away to do something and come back before they finish loading! And videos like You-Tube and the like...get real! It ain't happening! You can't even get the darned things to load, let alone watch them!

There is so much of the internet that simply is not available when you live in dialup-hell.... We'll all be so much happier when this is done and working. I know my daughter will have an easier time with most of her college classes once it is in place. And, we'll be able to download files, watch videos, and more!

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