Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life! Work, divorce, grandbaby...

So, I've spent some time reading other WLS blogs lately and I am noticing how over the first year or so things are all about the journey. How much weight have they lost? How far out are they? How many pants sizes have they dropped? Where are they finding the greatest clothing buys, etc? Then, over that latter part of the first year postop, their blog entries turn to more stuff about the real world and things that are going on in their life instead of just the hows and whats of their WLS journey. I read one blog that had nothing whatsoever about their WLS journey in the first 3 pages of blog entries... If it hadn't mentioned WLS in the blog description, you never would have known or guessed.

I've noticed the same thing about a lot of my posts lately. My last post, for example, was just about getting high speed internet FINALLY! The post before that was about how much time had passed (most of a month) since I'd last posted a blog entry. Granted, the one just prior to that was a link to Andrea's vitamin post at OH, but they are a bit more spaced than they used to be! SO, I am going to try and make more effort to document how WLS still affects my life these days...

But, in the meanwhile (LOL), another life update!
Work--I'm working more days than not lately. I don't know of any real full-time teaching slots for next year yet, but the substitute thing is still good and will always be there. There just aren't any benefits!

Divorce--Not mine! My daughter is getting divorced and we have an emergency hearing tomorrow for the judge to decide whether her husband gets any specified visitation time with their baby (AKA the world's greatest grandbaby) during the divorce proceedings. And, last night her hubby revealed that his mother plans to try and get custody of the baby. Apparently she thinks that she is better able to raise him than his own mother. Her 3 sons are obvious proof that this is not the case. They are 17 (18 in June I think), 18 and 20 and not one of them has a high school diploma, a driver's license OR a job! They are all living off of their parents who live off of SSI and food stamps. Oh, and the occasional student loan (his mom) for many thousand dollars that she's stated she has no intent of paying back... Must be nice to fraud the government and feel like you're still a fine, upstanding person who is better able to raise a child in this world. What a start that gives a child in today's demanding world. Heck, this very lifestyle is at the core of the divorce. Our daughter was raised in a different world--a world where people support themself and don't wait for a monthly check to pay the bills. She was raised to believe that we grow up, educate ourselves, and move out into the world to make our own way. We don't sit around and let someone else take care of us and pay our bills. She is powerfully motivated now to get away from his family and their lifestyle and to get her college education and move on with her life. We're so glad she finally came to this point!

Grandbaby... What more can I say? He's just the world's greatest grandbaby! He's a great baby. He now has two teeth! He recently had both middle teeth from the bottom front break through. He's more stable on his feet and when sitting up now. He's starting to babble and talk more. He streaks through the house in his walker and is eating up a storm! He eats about 4 jars of baby food a day these days and still nurses as well. He's about 20 pounds and well over 2 feet tall (28" last time he was measured). Before we know it, he'll have enough teeth to chew finger foods and be walking on his own!

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