Sunday, December 28, 2008

Living the Postop WLS Life in an everyday (non-op or preop) world...

This last week or two has been a long time of temptation for those of us who are postop from WLS and trying to walk the straight and narrow path... For many postops, the straight and narrow is a strict, low carb and high protein diet. Some folks refuse to allow themself even 30 grams of carbs per day. Others lose their weight and begin to live life as a "normal" person. This means eating a well balanced diet of 2000 or less calories per day and exercising somewhat regularly. It means taking whatever vitamins and supplements their new insides make necessary in order to remain "normal" and healthy.

So, when we attend holiday parties and family gatherings where for many folks it is all about the food and tasting all the delightful goodies put out on the table, it can be hard! For those who sternly regulate their carb intake,it can be even harder as soooooo many of the goodies we see put out are sweets and carb-laden foods. So, you either just plain refuse to eat or even taste those items, or you teach yourself to try just a bit of this and that AFTER you eat your protein!

In the "real world" of non-ops, this can sometimes earn you funny looks and questions you don't want to deal with. "Oh come on, try just a taste!" "One little bite won't hurt!" "Why won't you try any of this great stuff?" And, even after you say no sometimes, they just won't let it drop. If these are the kind of things that bother you, be armed with comebacks! "Sorry, I ate before I came..." Or, perhaps, "I'd rather try these yummy shrimp/ham/whatever..." Have a line ready to give them rather than finding yourself standing there trying to come up with something to get them to move on... It really is none of their business, but you know how the world can be!

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