Sunday, November 10, 2013

What's YOUR naughty habit?

Wow, about a year since my last post...  Sorry!  Bet most of you wrote me off as done!  LOL

A friend's post today pointed out that November is National Health Blog Post month...  SO, an update seemed necessary!  Life is WILD here...  No real health issues for me, but many for the other half and the world's greatest grandson...  School is crazy too--teaching 6th AND 7th grade, social studies AND language arts.  Let me say that I've never taught language arts before and had no real intent to ever do so, so you can imagine that it has been challenging!  AND, I have a 6th grade class of language arts AND a 7th grade class.  Both use a different curriculum and I get zero time to plan with the other folks who teach it.  NO fun!  But, we're not here to listen to me whine!

I thought I'd ask those of you who still click over to see if I've come back to life whether you have any of those naughty little post-op habits--using straws, drinking soda/pop, taking NSAIDs, etc.  You know--all those things that the doctors and other post-ops told you that you could never do again after Weight Loss Surgery??  My habits are drinking caffeine--lots of it in the form of about a gallon of unsweetened iced tea per day.  And, to make it worse, I drink it through a straw--all of it!  And, in the evening, I use it to wash down my Mobic (an NSAID) for the arthritis in my knees and the inflammation caused by the degeneration of the discs in my spine.  

As a result of my knee and back issues, I don't exercise much at all.  I really want to, but simply can't get past the pain of the first few days to get into the habit.  Last year, the paraprofessional who worked in my ESE classroom with me got me into the habit of walking each day after school.  We stuck with it for a good while, but eventually had to stop for some reason and I never got back to it.  I bought a TREK bicycle with the pedals farther forward to make it easier for me with the knee/back issues and rode it some, but not enough to really get in the habit.  Anybody else ever managed to overcome this obstacle in a successful way??  Want to share what worked for you?

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