Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Think I've found a new bariatric doc...

As some of you may know, but many may not, once you have had surgery with a bariatric doc, it can be HARD to find a new doc who will take you on as a patient. When I found out I was moving back to Florida, I contacted my surgeon. He has contacts seemingly everywhere, so I had hoped he would have a comrade here that I could use once I got moved. No Such Luck! SO, I was on my own once we got here to try and find a doc that would take me AND a support group. I think (fingers crossed) that I have done both now! I am waiting for the doc to get my surgical report from Dr. S and will see what he says! It looks good. Plus, the hospital he works out of has a support group every month. I missed it this month, but will be there with bells on next month and hope to have good things to report there. It won't be MY support group and my surgery buddies and angels, but I can work to help make it what I like a support group to be! I'll have those folks thinking marathon by next year!! LOL

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Karon said...

Congratulations on finding a new doc. I never realized if I move I'll have trouble finding a doctor. I wonder why that is, really? I mean, once the surgery is done and we've lost the weight, besides no bling N-G tubes what is there that causes other docs to not want to take us on? I'm confused on this topic.

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