Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Biggest Loser update...

Some weeks, you can see it coming... You know what is going to be the outcome before it happens. THIS week was NOT one of those weeks! I honestly figured it was going to be Joelle going home! And, when it came down to it, the two below the yellow line were Joelle (silver team) and Damien (red team). Joelle had been asked point blank "do you want to be here in the house?" and she stalled and couldn't answer. The answer was obviously NO. She did not want to be there and this last two weeks made that clear. Damien very clearly wants to be there and has been working hard to bring his partner/fiance back after next week. But, when they went to vote, some of them still voted for Damien. It was a tie. And, as he had the lowest weight loss percentage for the week, he got the boot. In their clips of him and his fiance and how they are doing so far, he and she both looked great! They were having their engagement announcement pics taken and they looked healthy and very happy. I bet they make one heck of a showing at the finale!

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